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Personal Breakthrough session 

What is a Personal Breakthrough session?

A Personal Breakthrough Session is a super-charged, intensive, 10-hour-long process designed for those who are ready to have a massive breakthrough in the area of life they are struggling with: career, relationships, family, personal growth, physical health, and spirituality.
In the first stages, you are asked lots of questions to uncover existing issues, negative emotions, thoughts, and inner conflicts, some of which may not have been apparent to you! Once the root causes of self-limiting beliefs are identified, we work on eliminating them.
Using powerful series of exercises from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Mental and Emotional Release Therapy®, and modern hypnosis, you will release all negative emotions and limiting beliefs in a matter of minutes. Yes, it’s that FAST!
After getting rid of unwanted baggage, we’ll create a compelling picture of the future, write down your goal, and set the intention using visualization technics.

What does it look like?

The whole process takes anywhere around 10 hours and is us
ually spread over 2 sequential days. 1 follow-up coaching session is included to help you stay on track.
 I offer in-person and online sessions. Both, online and in-person work is equally effective.


Past Life Regression Therapy

What is a Past Life Regression Therapy session?

Ever feel inexplicably drawn to a certain era, culture, or place you've never visited? Do recurring dreams or phobias cast a shadow on your present life? Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) might be the missing key to unlock the hidden doors of your past and find profound healing and growth in the present.

Imagine gently journeying back through time, guided by a trained hypnotherapist, to access memories and experiences from previous lives. PLR utilizes hypnosis to bypass the conscious mind and tap into the vast reservoir of the subconscious, where these past-life memories lie dormant. By revisiting these experiences, clients can unravel :

  • The root of recurring fears and anxieties: A fear of heights might stem from a past life accident, while a crippling stage fright could be traced back to facing criticism in a historical performance.

  • A connection to your "higher self": A concept explored by psychologist Carl Jung. The wisest part of you that is connected to something even bigger: the universal consciousness, the energy of everything that exists. It's the part that knows your true potential and highest purpose, whispers guidance, reveals hidden talents, and helps you live a life filled with purpose and joy.

  • Unresolved past-life relationships: Whether it's a twin flame connection, a karmic bond, or a soul family connection, PLR can offer invaluable clarity. By revisiting shared past lives, you can uncover the origins of these powerful relationships, understand their dynamics in your present life, and navigate them with newfound wisdom and grace.

The source of unexplained talents or phobias: Were you an artist in a Renaissance life? A skilled warrior in ancient Rome? PLR can reveal innate abilities or explain inexplicable phobias rooted in past-life experiences.

What does a typical PLR session look like?

A typical PLR session involves a relaxed conversation with me, your therapist, to set intentions and identify areas you wish to explore. Through guided visualization and gentle hypnosis, you'll enter a deeply relaxed state while being fully awake and in control. In this deep state, you’ll gain access to past-life memories. These memories often unfold like vivid dreams, filled with sensory details and emotional resonance. I will support you throughout the process, ensuring a safe and empowering experience.

PLR is NOT about reliving past lives for entertainment; it's a powerful tool for personal transformation and insight. If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlock hidden potential, and find healing from past experiences, Past Life Regression Therapy might be the key you've been searching for.

How I work 

  • A typical PLR session lasts around 2 hours. 

  • One session costs $200.

  • I offer in-person and online sessions. Both, online and in-person work is equally effective.

  • I recommend to work with me for at list 3 sessions to achieve good results. Package of 3 sessions costs $550

  • Online payment can be made via PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. You can pay before the consultation or immediately after its completion.

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Hypnotherapy for gentle weight loss

"Why can't I lose weight effortlessly?"
Many people don't realize that for permanent weight loss, they need to change what's going on inside, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 
it's not just about food and exercise, but many other aspects like emotions, stress, self-love, worthiness, deep beliefs, unconscious fears, habits, associations of food with comfort, pleasure, and a way of emotional self-regulation. 
Over 6 sessions, you will create new positive habits, behaviors, self-image, increased motivation, and self-love to reach your goal weight.

  • The program consists of 6 individual sessions.

  • Price $900. 

Book a FREE Consultation with me

  1. Request a FREE intro call with me by submitting your contact info here.

  2. I’ll get back to you during the next 48 hours to schedule an intro call via phone or zoom.

  3. During the call, I will ask you several questions to understand your issues and aims, as well as give you a chance to ask any questions you may have about NLP, Hypnotherapy, or MER Therapy®.

  4. I’ll offer you a personalized plan depending on a level of intervention you require

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